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BloomBLOOM is an electronic duet which proposes a set half way between house music and funk


It's a meeting of the electronic Producer DJ MUSH, Olivier MUTSCHLER, with Daniel BROTHIER.


DJ MUSH is also a composer for contemporary dance, a radio DJ and an electronic music teacher.

Well known as a remixer, he is the first French DJ to have remixed the famous Detroit artist Juan ATKINS. He's the art director for his new label SHARIVARI RECORDS ; listen to AGNES and Art BLEEK releases.


BLOOM proposes a mix which grows in intensity through the night. Depending on the venue, their music revolves around minimal electronic music influenced by Detroit House and Techno music, or Funk and Soul stuff.

The duet music style leads the dancers to the floor, and everybody gets up and dances with BLOOM.

In November the 19 th, BLOOM played in the House Platine Party for the OPENING NIGHT of the SAINT ETIENNE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN BIENNAL EVENT.

BloomThe BLOOM sets combine today's house music with moments of improvisation.


Saxophone sounds, numerous digital effects, and analogic synthetiseurs are controlled and triggered on stage.

Improvisation moments move from repetitive to funk music. Phrases, grooves and solos are constructed live to build up songs and mix.


DJ MUSH creates loops with timecoded disks on turntables and computer software so he can re-edit live songs and breaks.

Solos, saxophone loops, effects and analogic synthetiseurs sounds are stacked on existing recorded music.

In addition, MUSH mixes with vinyl decks, so rythms and grooves are created and colored both with saxophone, records and machines, under the influence of funk and techno music.

BloomOn stage, the set is played in a remix vein. The duet's protagonists improvise, playing with a modern mood idea on sounds. During the mix, samples and machines work together.

As usual in electronic music, upward energies follow one after another, and give birth to new grooves, which grow all night long .






Since 2006, the duet has played regularly in the Rhône Alpes area, and throughout France. In November the 19 th, BLOOM played for the OPENING NIGHT of the SAINT ETIENNE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN BIENNAL EVENT.


Since 2007 BLOOM appears twice a year in Berlin, in different types of venues, like the TAPE Klub, the mythical squat the Tacheles, the European Creative Center, and more regularly in the Klub der Republik.

Some MUSH and the REMINDER remixes, are played by famous DJ's like Chez DAMIER, Kai ALCE and Steve BUG, all around the world, and in Berlin in big Clubs like the Panoramabar.



The Tape club in Berlin, the White Rabbit in Freiburg, Tacheles, Wallywoods, White Cube and Klub Der Republik in Berlin, Langlade Festival, Le Fil Saint Etienne, MC2 Grenoble, La Pêcherie Lyon....



The Reminder “Lite on” Etiku World Rhythms Vol.1 (vinyl EP) - 2007

Infiniti (Juan Atkins & O. Voorn) "Game One (Mush remix)" NightVision Rec. (vinyl 3xLP) - 2007

Mush "Tests volume 1 (w/ Orlando Voorn remix)" NightVision Records (vinyl EP) - 2008

Vladimir Macar "Silly Walking (Mush remix)" Sintegra Music (digital EP) - 2008

Kai Alcé "Power Thru pt. 3 (Mush remixes)" NDATL Muzik (vinyl EP) - 2008

Pulshar (Pablo Bolivar & Aphro) "No meditation (Mush Space dub edit)" Phonobox (2xCD) - 2008

Kai Alcé "Power Thru Pt 3 : ReRubs (Mush's Classic Sax Mix)" NDATL Muzik (digital EP) - 2008

Mush "Test 66 (w/ Chez Damier & Lee Holman remixes)" NightVision Rec. (vinyl EP) - 2009

Alex Israel "The Sark (Mush remix)" Subtrak (digital EP) - 2009

KZR "Feeding - Andres remix (feat. Power Thru - Mush Classic mix)" NDATL003 (vinyl EP) - 2009

Alton Miller "Loves right here (Mush remix feat. Daniel Brothier)" Balance Alliance (vinyl EP) - 2009

John Dalton "Tint (Mush remix)" SeedyR (digital EP) - 2009

iMotion "Mind Bomb (Mush remix)" Subself (digital EP) - 2009


The Reminder "Underwater Senses (feat. Sequent)" Etiku World Recordings (vinyl EP) - 2010

Eedio “Feel Elation (Mush remix)” Difu (digital EP) - 2010

Power Thru (Mush remix) on Cassy "Simply Devotion" Cocoon

Power Thru (Mush remix) on Steve Bug "The Lab 02" NR



Olivier Mutschler : Laptop, midi keyboard and effects controller, M-Audio Torq, Kaos Pad, two Technics MK II turntables.

Daniel Brothier : Alto saxophone, digital multi-effects Lexicon pcm 8O, control pedals, analogic and monophonic synthetiseur Korg MS 20.

Translation : Richard PINDER