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Monk Tag is a new electronic jazz project performed by the saxophonist Daniel Brothier and his machines.

The idea is to bring together reference compositions by the jazzman Thelonious Monk and to merge them within the medium of electronic music, creating new versions at the intersection of various aesthetics, house, dub, jungle, techno and electro-funk.

The intention is to create new sound grooves, to evoke a dynamic musical interaction between the modernity of Monk’s melodies and harmonies and the energetic and rhythmic pulsation of electronic music.

To inject a more electronic dose and electricity into the project, Daniel Brothier organizes the alto saxophone tones and phrases in digital effects and transforms them with two analogic synthesisers.

While the sequences and hypnotic breaks are played and mixed from a computer, written themes and improvised movements are arranged and performed live with strong creative energy.
The form, tempo, and colours of the compositions are boosted by a dedicated modern electronic environment of contemporary acid jazz.

The original and innovative set is built around funky grooves which are both mixed and performed live, producing a creative sound composition. Extravagant and forceful improvisations follow and combine together, revealing the music’s subtlety and power.

This contemporary electronic jazz set intended as an introduction to electronic music events and jazz concerts.

In art and painting as in music, it isn’t necessary to duplicate or re-create forms but to capture their force.

Gilles Deleuze, Francis Bacon, Logique de la sensation